It can’t be measured, contained or bought but its effects can be dramatic.

Meet Our Passionate Warriors

Lynne Dominck

  • Warrior Team Leader
  • Team Builder
  • Mentor
  • Six Figure Earner

Lynne is the founder and driving force behind the Side Hustle Warrior Tribe. Her vision to help others in their quest to have a more fulfilling work life led her to vision of creating an information hub that can provide the training, support and guidance that can take your job satisfaction from a five to a ten!

Lynne spent two decades in the very competitive world of publishing, working as a successful corporate executive.  She mentored, managed and mastered the creation of award winning sales teams at some of the country’s top magazines: Vogue, Allure,  ELLE,  SELF and InStyle.

Yet amidst all of her success, she found herself disappointed, spiritually depleted and very disillusioned.

That discontent motivated her to embark on a crusade for more. More fulfillment, more balance, MORE. A life on her terms. A life that she wants for all of the members of the Side Hustle Warrior Tribe.

Our Stealth Weapon…. Amber De Grasse!

Our Stealth Weapon…. Amber De Grasse!

  • Seven figure earner
  • Global Team Builder
  • Amazing leader
  • Incredible Woman

Amber is our Team Leader and is there for us 24/7. Encouraging, energetic and dynamic, Amber brings her passion for physical, spiritual, emotional and financial wellness to every aspect of her leadership.

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